Friday, November 23, 2012

What Are YOU Looking Forward to Over the Winter Break?

Hey UTSC, Jakub here. I just realized I’m not writing any exams this term (writing classes FTW), so I was basically staying up all night not doing homework and thinking about what I can do when classes are done and I’m not supposed to be doing homework.

Because the only I could think of is that I’d probably be staying up all night studying programming out of my own volition (or avoiding studying and staying up all night), I decided to ask a few students what their plans were over the holidays.
NOTE: The nightness in the video.

Well, travelling, sleeping, seeing loved ones and studying sounds really nice. I’m looking forward to maintaining my vampire-like complexion, basking in fireplace heat and moonbeams, and hoping that the sun will never rise again. See you next week UTSC!

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