Thursday, November 8, 2012

UTSC, how do YOU feel?

I wonder who remembers my first blog entry ... I made a reference to the UTSC signature pelvic-thrust-cheer. WELL I'VE DONE IT AGAIN! 

None of the dignity. If you intend on enjoying my blogs please do not expect sophisticated-tea-with-a-spot-of-lemon humour all the time. I mean come on guys, I am no Shakespeare!

In other news as I typed this President Barack Obama has been re-elected! Proving to us all once again that once you go Harvard grad you never go back. CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR NEIGHBOURS TO THE SOUTH!

I got this. 
Alas, I digress. I hereby proclaim November as the month of negativity i.e. NEGATIVE NOVEMBER. Why? Because gosh darn it finals are too close, midterms are not distant memories and the chilly winter is beginning to creep into my bones. Today I gave up on life and looked/sounded something like this...

I haven't worn my glasses outside of the house in 7 months.....

But then I went to a death metal concert and all my troubles feel so far away ... Incase anyone has every watched Metalocalypse he's a sneak peek:

Also in response to this negativity I attempted to add to my visual documentation of UTSC. This video is a one-word documentary of people's thoughts about campus. *Note: the views expressed in this video are not necessarily the views of the videographer (me) *. Most of them were shot on Halloween so we have a few exciting guest stars (like Mario). Don't hate on the quality, all I have is a phone cam and the Youtube video editor lol.

Hope you at least mildly enjoyed that one folks! If you have a word to add there is a comment section below.


Stay beautiful 


  1. Nice article and video. The winter blues gets to the best of us. There are things we wish we could control and things we wish we could have, but until we accept we can't control everything and have everything we want, we'll never find true happiness. To be bitter and cold about something is a temporary solution that can become permanent if we do nothing to change how we feel about something. Love always and forgive, for there is nobody on this world who is perfect.


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